US and International

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups and Depth Interviews (in person, web, telephone)
  Traditional in-depth insight into what makes buyers "tick"
Motivational Research
  Structural approach to exploring brand/product/service equity and its implications for competitive messaging and positioning
  Captures structure of thoughts as related to needs, feelings, motivations
  Generates value propositions that resonate
"Voice of the Customer" / Structured Ethnography
  Observational and exploratory approach to product or service design, re-design or enhancement

Quantitative Research
Design, analysis, modeling, reporting, recommending

Methods: Web-based, telephone or in-person surveys and field management (domestic and international)

  New Product / Service Development and Pricing
  Market Segmentation
  Brand Image / Equity
  Customer Satisfaction, Value and Loyalty Modeling
  Profiling / A&U
  Concurrent Segmentation - distinguishing one segment from another by identifying attributes that correlate with descriptive information
  Choice Modeling (Conjoint, Discrete Choice)
  Multiple Regression / Logistic Regression
Business Values Model
  Determining business segments by the principles or values that decision makers use to guide them in running the business